Metal Guide


Silver can easily tarnish when exposed to certain compounds - the substances can be as common as those found in body lotions, perfumes and hair products; we recommend minimising exposure to these products. Avoid wearing your jewellery in hot pools.

Frequently clean and polish your silver pieces with jewellery cleaner purchased from a reputable store.


Our gold-plated pieces are made in sterling silver and have a 2 micron layer of gold deposited onto their surface.

Gold plating does wear off - the longevity of this depends on frequency of wear and the type of jewellery, i.e. plating on rings wears much faster than necklaces.

Because of this, we don't recommend daily wear of gold-plated pieces - we can, however, re-plate your our pieces for a fee.


White gold pieces naturally have a slight yellow tone - we embrace the natural beauty of these metals and don't rhodium-plate these items.

We will happily rhodium-plate our jewellery for an additional fee if you prefer.


We can make our rings in most precious metals should you require this -  get in touch with us if the option you are after isn't provided and we will be able to arrange this for you.