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We are always learning and finding better ways to do things, and believe being honest is more important than being perfect.

We absolutely love and respect this planet and have had an understanding that we need to do whatever we can for Mother Earth, this has been inherent since we were teenagers in the 90s. 

We know we can’t be perfect but we aim to make the best choices we can every step of the way and we are constantly trying to make improvements on everything we do. 

Obviously, there is an internal battle when it comes to the fact that our materials are sourced from the earth so we do our best to minimise our environmental impact.

Our favourite thing about jewellery is that it’s recyclable, it’s not something that will end up in landfill so there is a natural circularity in what we do.

We completely understand that there is too much stuff in the world which is why we make almost every piece to order and love that every piece is also recyclable too.

Below you can find more of where we are at and what we are working on to reduce our impact.

x Claire & Greg